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Pokemon Mega established a free and not boring and excruciatingly slow format

So after either bugging them enough, or being rewarded for something I could not remember for the life of me, it finally happened. On Christmas I finally got a Pokemon online game Color, I was surprised, since I never did see that coming. But not as many of you would expect with a game Pokemon Mega, my very first Video Game was Pokemon Mega. I guess it is unnecessary to say, that I invested every free minute of my childhood into playing that game.
Where shamelessly freemium Facebook and mobile games have popularized the pay-to-win model, MMORPG’s like Pokemon Mega established a pay-to-make-this-not-boring-and-excruciatingly-slow format.
That trading stopped with the game Pokemon Mega, which I would trade and link trade with friends.
Regardless of right and wrong, Game Freak has taken steps to acknowledge that they may have gone too far with mega Pokemon the first time around. Many abilities that make some mega Pokemon busted, such as Kangaskhan’s Parental Bond or Salamence’s Aerialate have been nerfed to do less damage.
(On the subject of cops, it turns out Pokemon Mega is an exact copy of another game, Pokemon Mega, but with worse graphics. A cursory investigation reveals Creed actually came out four years earlier, in 2010, and boasts 360k members to Dusk’s 19k as of this time of writing, but apparently has worse SEO.
With the games improving, so did the community, so there are whole wikis developed around it, Pokemon stat calculator special sites like smogon focusing on PvP builds, so if you want to look at it that way, all kinds of Pokemon Mega calculator.

There is also an option to trade or sell items or Pokemon with other users. All found in the game, within an online store; built into the framework and also easy to navigate. Once something is posted in it, other players will be able to search for your items that you have posted and be able to see them.

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